Connecting with new people, growing brand awareness and getting valuable feedback from those who drive your business forward.

What We Offer

In Batuq we utilise social channels to reach out to your customers from the voice of the brand. Our social media management stems from a carefully created strategy which identifies the requirements of your customers, upon which appropriate and engaging content is created. Social channels are also used to effectively communicate directly with customers on a customer service level. Social advertising is employed as a cost effective way to increase reach and drive visits from another channel.

We also use email marketing to consistently engage customers either through newsletter emails or carefully planned automated email marketing campaigns. Emails are used to re-engage existing customers, drive repeat purchases and improve the lifetime value of your customers. Email segmentation is undergone to ensure each customer receives appropriate and engaging content based on their previous purchase history.

Areas of expertise

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Key Influencer Campaigns
  • Monitoring & Analysis

    We´re skilled in versatile communication styles and strategies that broaden your audience and position your brand on the market. Whether your goals are brand awareness, increasing the loyalty of your community and sales, we have the experience to make them a reality.


    We develop offline and online concepts with lead generation in mind. Segmentation of this different types of leads keeps our existing and future users happy and our clients satisfied. Social media channels are active 24/7 and so are we.








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